Electric Face Facial Cleanser Cleansing

Usage: long press for 1. 5 seconds to turn on the machine to low gear, and then press again to high gear ,Switch position, designed on the front

Product parameters:

Item type:Cleansing Instrument Color:Dark blue Voltage: 3.7V No-load revolution: 430rpm 12% Standard capacity: 400mah Standard voltage: 3.7V Service life: over 300 times Product Size:10.5cmx5.5cmx5.5cm/4.13x2.16x2.16inches Weight: 213g

Operation instruction

1,When the brush head is rotating, the brush head should touch the skin to be washed, and slowly press down on the skin to the pressure is based on no discomfort feeling of the skin.

2,In case of skin discomfort, please timely adjust the pressure or stop using

3,Please charge it in time after use. A long period of unsatisfactory power will lead to performance degradation of lithium battery

4,After use, please clean it in time to ensure the next use of clean machine.

Product specification:

1,Charging voltage 5v/la, charging power 1. 9w/378 max standby power<0.lw, first gear power 0.76w /180 max, second gear power 0.85w/200 max./ 2,Working time: standby power about 90 minutes for high-grade continuous working time, about 100 minutes for low-grade continuous working time, and about 2 hours for charging.

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